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Roof Replacement in Weatherford

How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost In 2024

Replacing a roof is likely the home improvement task that owners of houses fear most. It makes sense because it costs a lot, usually from $5,755 to $12,498 as per HomeAdvisor, which is an internet service for finding contractors. The average U.S. homeowner spends about $9,117 on a roof replacement.

The truth is that changing the roof is usually not just a choice, but an essential task. It should be considered as one of the most important home upgrades. If you do not replace your old roof, it can lead to more harm to your house and reduce its worth, also affecting how much money you can get when you sell it.

Replacing a roof costs quite some money, and it’s not wise to cut corners on such work – however, helping you understand the cost of roof replacement in 2024 help you get the best results.

What are the costs of replacing a roof?

The average cost of replacing a roof in the country is $9,117 but it can go up to as much as $46,000. When professionals talk about “reroofing”, they mean taking off all the old shingles from the roof, fixing any damaged parts of the structure underneath if needed, and then putting on new shingles.

The frequency at which you must change your roof and the cost involved is influenced by many elements, like where your home is situated or the kind of shingles you choose. But in simple terms, the expense of changing a roof is divided into two main categories: materials make up 40 percent of the cost, and labor accounts for 60 percent. When you work, it usually costs from $1.50 to $3.00 for every square foot, HomeAdvisor says, but if the roof is very steep or complicated it can go up to even $7 (look at “Roof pitch” below). Taking off the old roof also has a price and this can be between $1 and $5 for each square foot. Overall, you might expect to pay between $4.35 and $11 for each square foot when you replace a roof, as stated by Angi, the internet service for finding contractors.

Roof Replacement Materials

The materials that often cause the highest expense when you are replacing a roof include:

  • Underlayment is a water-resistant or waterproof layer put on the roof deck before fitting shingles.
  • Shingles are the material covering the roof that you can see.
  • Soffits act as a crucial shield above the house’s overhangs. If soffits get damaged, they can expose beams to water and affect airflow in the loft area.
  • A drip edge is a strip, often made from aluminum, put along the roof’s border to guide water away from the roof and towards the gutters.
  • Flashing is installed in areas where a drip edge isn’t feasible and it redirects water.

Roof replacement Labor Cost

You usually need a skilled roofer to replace an entire roof. Their work involves:

  • Removal and disposal of the old roof and its materials
  • Installation of new roof
  • Cleanup
  • Roof pitch

The angle of your roof, the presence of things like chimneys and windows on the roof, and how big your roof is will influence how much time and work it takes to replace, which means it also changes the price.

The steepness of your roof, or what we call pitch, is very significant because it influences how hard the work will be. A roof with a steeper or sharper angle may need more materials, careful work, and sometimes unique tools for its replacement, which can lead to higher costs.

How to Reduce the Cost of Roof Replacement 

Choosing the right shingles is very important for replacing a roof because they are often the most expensive part of the materials. The price of shingles is typically given per square, and one roofing square equals 100 square feet.

You can select from various materials, including rubber to galvanized steel and asphalt, slate, or copper. Many people prefer asphalt for roofing nowadays because it is economical (the cost is usually about $2,500 for a 17 square roof – enough to cover an average-sized U.S. home of 2,200 sq.ft.), simple to install, and can endure many years.

Shingles for roofs, which have a base of fiberglass or plant fibers and are covered with sticky asphalt and then sprinkled with tiny rocks, are cheaper but they get damaged more quickly. On the opposite side is metal such as copper; it lasts a long time but costs a lot, beginning at $25,000 for covering an area of 17 squares.

When you think about the materials for your new roof, it helps to get a good balance of cost-saving and long-lasting quality.

Cost of a Roof Repair Vs Roof Replacements

Based on the state of your roof, it could be possible to fix it rather than having to replace the whole thing. According to HomeAdvisor, the typical price range for fixing a roof goes from $379 up to $1,763; meanwhile, across the country on average people spend about $1,064.

The amount is much smaller, but it depends on what kind of problem you have. Usually, small repairs such as tears in the soffit, problems with the valley, and damage to gutters should be done one by one rather than changing the whole roof. Some broken shingles in different places or just one spot might be repaired for a cost starting around $150.

However, if the damage to the roof covers a larger area, if your shingles are nearly at the end of their life if you see mold appearing, or if there is evidence of structural harm, then expenses might increase up to $7,500. Under such circumstances, it would be better to get a new roof because repairing it will almost cost as much as buying a new one.


Replacing a roof costs quite a bit of money, and the return on investment can sometimes be low. Still, several benefits last for many years. When you install a new roof the right way, it can remain for many years. Also, it makes the outside look of your house more attractive. While it is necessary to spend a significant amount of money, perhaps thousands, for a new roof, the cost of constant repairs on an old or failing one can add up to be even more over time. Also, consider the potential costs from other problems that could happen because of holes and leaks. Above all, replacing your roof ensures that your house is prepared to face harsh weather and helps keep its value stable — this is particularly important if you plan to sell your home in the future.



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