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Roofing Installation Services in Colleyville, TX

H&S Construction and Roofing has an experienced team of roofers that can handle any large-scale project. They work with varying degrees on small and big jobs alike, ensuring quality service at all times.

Economical Roof Repair Services in Colleyville, TX

While it is no surprise that roofing rarely requires any repairs. However, when it does, the repairs often come at a huge cost. It includes labor costs, material costs, and time. If you are working a job or own a business, it can be hard to spare both time and money. Because of this reason, we at H&S Construction and Roofing provide timely and up-to-the-mark repair services. Our roof repair services include roof replacement, roof alignment, weather protection, and much more. We not only provide a bundle of services but also offer various pricing offers to better suit your current needs. This way, you don’t have to compromise on your time or your money. Moreover, our professionals can make you an on-site visit anywhere in Colleyville, TX. You can book a meeting through our phone number or drop us an email. Contact us now!

providing Economical Roof Repair Services in Colleyville, TX

Need Roof Replacement Service in Colleyville? Look No Further

Roofing installation seldom requires replacement. They are built to endure the test of time. However, most people refuse to change their roofing even after a significant time has passed. This is mainly due to the cost associated with it. While it may seem a huge cost at first, the disadvantages of not getting a roof replacement are enormous. Because of this reason, you need a roof replacement service that is not only affordable but also protects your home. Our company excels in providing services to keep your house safe from exterior and interior damage. The team of our professionals uses the best tools to uphold the quality of work. Moreover, you can also avail of various packages with quarterly or biannual checkups. Our services extend to the residents of Colleyville, TX, and the areas around it. We are happy to help you with queries through our phone number. Approach us today!

Providing Roof Replacement Service in Colleyville

Commercial Flat Roofing for All Types of Buildings

Just like any home, a flat building also needs proper roofing to protect its interior and exterior. Compared to house roofing, flat roofing is often perceived to be expensive. However, that is only true in a handful of cases. Commercial flat roofing is just as affordable. Our team of experts specializes in judging the needs of your roofing and providing you with a long-term solution. We have a diverse catalog of roofing designs and materials that you can choose from. This will help you better understand the benefits of each design and material. Furthermore, our catalog comes with multiple pricing plans as well. Our specialists can also guide you with any queries or questions you have regarding roofing. One more thing, our services cover the entire area of Colleyville, TX. So, you can reach us at any time for an on-site inspection. Call our number today!

Hi-Tech Commercial Apartment Roofing in Colleyville, TX

Apartment buildings are often overlooked when it comes to roofing. This is mainly because only one section of the building needs it. However, an apartment building without any roofing can form cracks, mold, and leaks due to various environmental factors. The repairs for these damages are often higher than the roofing cost. Keeping that in mind, our company provides durable commercial apartment roofing at a competitive price. On top of that, our operatives make sure that all your roofing area is perfectly secured from rain, hail, and direct sunlight. This will increase the longevity of your building and also help you reduce your bills in the long run. You can visit our website to check our catalog of apartment roofing options and select the best option for your building in Colleyville, TX. Moreover, we also have a 24/7 helpline number for any queries. Contact us today!

Why Choose Us?

People often hesitate to acquire any roof repair services because of the cost that comes with it. Although it is true, the damages that occur due to the lack of proper roofing are much more. You can easily avoid this by choosing H&S Construction and Roofing for your roofing services. We range from repairs and replacements to new roofing installations. On top of that, we provide services for homeowners and business owners all around Colleyville, TX. We are available at all times to answer your queries. Contact us right now!

Roofing Excellence, Right in Your Neighborhood



Emily M

    H&S Construction and Roofing exceeded my expectations! The team was not only professional but also incredibly attentive to my design preferences for our residential roofing. The end result was a roof that not only withstood the test of time but also added a touch of elegance to our home. Highly recommend!

    Emily M

    Alexandra W

      Choosing H&S Construction and Roofing for my commercial roofing needs was a game-changer. The team's attention to detail and commitment to personalized solutions made the entire process seamless. Our business space not only boasts a durable roof but also stands out architecturally. Truly impressed!

      Alexandra W

      Sophie L

        I cannot express how grateful I am for the exceptional roof repair service provided by H&S Construction and Roofing. Their prompt response to my leaking roof was impressive, and the repairs were done with precision. My residential property is now secure, and I'm a satisfied customer. Thank you!

        Sophie L

        James D

          H&S Construction and Roofing is the epitome of professionalism in commercial roofing. The team's expertise and efficiency were evident throughout the project. They delivered on time without compromising on quality. I'm thoroughly impressed with the durability and aesthetics of our new commercial roof!

          James D

          Michael S

            The roof replacement services by H&S Construction and Roofing are nothing short of exceptional. From the initial consultation to the final installation, the process was smooth and well-coordinated. Our residential property now boasts a sturdy roof that enhances both its value and curb appeal. Highly recommend their services!

            Michael S