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You may decide on a roof replacement for any number of reasons. Perhaps you and your family just moved into a new home in Weatherford, TX, and don’t like the look of its roof. Maybe your current home’s roof has seen better days. No matter the reason, you need a trusted roofing company to assist you with a roof replacement. Let H & S Construction & Roofing help.

Our Roof Replacement Services

If enough damage has been done to your roof, it is best to just do a full replacement rather than a repair. A roof replacement isn’t all-bad — in fact, there are a lot of benefits that come with getting a new and improved roof after years of living under an old one.

If you didn’t like the look of your old roof, we can create one that fits your aesthetic goals. H & S Construction & Roofing has a wide variety of roofing materials that we can use to create your dream home. This is also beneficial if you plan on selling your home as it can increase your home’s curb appeal — and selling price.

With the different materials available for your roof, we can also make one that is more energy-efficient than your previous roof. With the right roof, you can pay less money on your energy bills because your air conditioning unit or heater won’t have to work as hard.

Our Roofing Team

The team at H & S Construction & Roofing is comprised of trained professionals who take each and every job seriously. Our main goal is to leave you and your family satisfied and comfortable under your new roof. We also use the highest quality materials available, so you can rest assured that your new roof will last for years to come.

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